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We believe in the warmth of our culture, the passion of this team and the stories and traditions we want to share. Every day we give our best! We guide with great joy and relive the history of El Calafate with the satisfaction of doing what we love.


I arrived in El Calafate in 2002 as a Professional Tourism Guide and began my career here after passing the exams of Los Glaciares National Park and the Province of Santa Cruz.
After several years of experience in different tourism companies and professional workshops, today I work as a Freelance Guide and develop this project together with my colleagues. In this way, we value the historical heritage of El Calafate and its context in the Province of Santa Cruz and Patagonia.


I met El Calafate after graduating as a Tourist Guide, more than 21 years ago, when it was still a small town! I made the decision to stay here and develop professionally in this corner of Patagonia that I loved and adopted as my place (I am a “C&S”: I came and stayed!).
I work as a guide of Los Glaciares National Park and the Province of Santa Cruz. But in addition, Calafate Walking Tour is a project that gives me the opportunity to share, transmit and value the rich history of this city and its residents, so that those who arrive here can know a little more of this place.
I love traveling! And I think that through travel one discovers, shares, learns, exchanges … and evolves. From my work, which I enjoy a lot, I try to provide the best so that whoever visits us will live a beautiful experience.


Hello! I am a Tourism Guide in Spanish, English and German.
I was born in Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina and I’ve been working in Patagonia for more than 15 years.
I like walking and let people know the history of our city up close. I really enjoy seeing how the people who visit us discover El Calafate and its hidden origins, through our stories, anecdotes and traditions.


Hello! I am born and raised in the Province of Santa Cruz. I’ve been a guide of Los Glaciares National Park and the Province of Santa Cruz for more than 10 years.
I am passionate about transmitting to everyone that visit us, through anecdotes and stories, the history of those pioneers who arrived, stayed and adapted to this place.
In the same way, I am interested in making known and valuing the history of those first inhabitants, the natives, since my roots come from these Patagonian lands.

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